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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 23, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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veened. detectives have not been able to find him. weather wise, continue to see a scenario we didn't want to see, this front hanging up, stalling, moving slowly. we thought most of the cloud cover would be out by midday. we're still dealing with it, moving slowly. we do see some signs of the rain tapering off west of frederick. we're getting into dry weather but still showers for the immediate baltimore area. it will make tricky travels. humidity is running high. there's drier weather quickly on the horizon back over the western pennsylvania ohio area. we'll talk about your weekend in detail coming up in a few minutes. while we enjoy this last weekend before the school year, firefighters are desperately trying to control 50 fires that are burning out of control out west. >> we have more on the massive
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evacuations and one fire threatening yosemite national park. >> reporter: it has spread into the bored are of yosemite. at last check it was raging out of control. currently there are some 50 uncontained fires raging out of control in 10 states. >> ready, ready, drop. >> reporter: in the air and on the ground they're attacking the blazes through a thick wall of smoke. >> there's fire over there and fire here. you're right in the middle of the two coming together. >> reporter: california's governor declared a state of emergency as the wildfire yosemite park fire quadrupled in size. those tourists who came to take in the beauty are instead watching it burn. >> we have things on trailers
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ready to go. >> reporter: for others, it's a battle to defend their property. the blaze stretches more than 63,000 acres and only 1% contained. >> right now the fire has drone so large. the head is creating its own weather. >> reporter: while it's been a difficult battle one victory has been achieved. flame retardant was dropped. >> it was going to be nothing but sticks. the next thing i see is the dc10 that saved his life. >> reporter: it has plenty of strength left. >> at this our 16 buildings have been destroyed and destroyed $5.4 million in damage. the weather continues to be dry
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and warm. updating you on breaking news out of texas where the former u.s. army psychiatrist has been convicted in the fort hood shoot -- shooting rampage. the trial now goes to the sentencing phase where the death penalty is a possibility. he's been the man in charge of one of our country's most secretive and important agencies for more than a decade. he knows where all the bodies are buried. robert mueller opens up to abc news, including what he sees as the greatest threat we're facing. >> reporter: outgoing fbi director robert mueller is offering a sober assessment. he told pierre thomas what keeps
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him up at night. >> the possibility of a plane being taken down. a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of a terrorist. >> reporter: mueller warned about another danger, americans joining islam mick radicals. do you believe some americans have made their way to syria? yes. >> reporter: he says fror groups and individuals have -- terror groups and individuals have my great to many areas in the middle east. >> it changed from september 11th where it was al qaeda, afghanistan, pakistan. it has gone to yemen, the arabian peninsula. >> reporter: mueller said law enforcement must do a better job identifying people before they act. >> i do believe we're better at
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responding, but when it goes to preventing at the outset, it's a difficult position on how you prevent that person, particularly when they have a past history of mental disease. >> reporter: last month mueller leaves the fbi after 12 years in charge. from foreign threats to domestic, police in veg stopped two people who planned to kidnap and murder two police officers. the two were arrested earlier this week after a month's long investigation that involved an undercover officer. officials said the two met with him 30 times to plan the attacks. >> the suspects believed once the first kidnapping and execution was accomplished, they would be compelled to keep killing multiple officers. >> police say the two suspects were part of a citizen movement
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that distrusts the government and devin new man defended herself saying she didn't harm anyone. >> i want people to wake up. i want them to realize that our freedoms are being eroded. i want people to stand up for themselves and demand that the government aplight constitutional -- apply the constitution. >> reporter: they planned to keep the officer in a makeshift jail, try him in a makeshift trial and kill the officer. police are looking for one of the two teenagers they believe beat a world war ii veteran to death for no reason. police say 89-year-old del bert bell ton was sitting outside the
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lodge when attacked. >> he was assaulted. there's no indication he would know them. >> they rushed him to the hospital but it was too late. police arrested one of the teens. ordinary riders for an extraordinary cause. hundreds mounting on their bikes for 24 hours of booty. >> we're not booty loop. they're raising money for cancer. >> and how a man survives hours overboard and eventually makes it to safety. >> and pot for the poor. it's causing a cloud of controversy.
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it is not a race but a ride with a purpose. >> the fund-raiser is called 24 hours of booty. >> cheryl, a little bit more about this fund-raiser. >> reporter: this is where those cyclists will be coming as they take on an endurance event -- 24 hours, some of them on a bicycle. if you've ridden for one hour, you understand the reference of 24 hours of booty. that booty muscle is what feels it. brian is one of the captains. tell us about your training. >> this year was unusual because i've been training for another. >> reporter: you had some riders on your team who will be on a seat like this for 24 hours. how do they do this?
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>> we have two going over 400 miles. one wants to go 430 miles. members will be pacing them, make sure they get the good food and get them through. >> reporter: it's a 2.1-mile booty loop. tell us about that course. >> the course is pretty flat at the top but as you go around you have a downhill. for every anyone hill, you have an uphill. >> reporter: 24 hours, they ran really do this that long? >> they come out for a quick hygiene break and that's about it. they get their food handed to them by the other riders. >> reporter: of course it's supporting a good cause. it's raising money for live strong and the cancer fund. we'll tell you much more about
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24 hours of booty. >> if anybody can do it it's cheryl. >> and wyatt. >> wyatt everhart. >> i don't know if that's a compliment or not. >> she's in shape and can do it. she will ride the booty loop. a damp start to the weekend. wherever your travels take you and your booty, the weather is good. for central m. and the eastern shore, this is the light shore. there's no embedded thunder, evening activities will not feature dangerous lightning. that scattering of showers you can see up and down the i-90 corridor with steady clearing into hagerstown.
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right now conditions running the gamut here. 75 in easton. 5 in perryman. let's skip ahead to the abc2 news app. i want to remind you you can quickly pull up maryland's most powerful radar and track the rain right here. you can animate. all right. so through the day tomorrow climbing into the low mid-80s and sunshine breaking out, an improvement. temperature running in the low 70s to mid-70s toward the beaches. as we zoom in, winds have turned northerly. we'll see a flow that will drag in drier air. the dew points dropping. rain wise what shower activity we have will head further south. as a result it will be clearing out. some clouds around. we'll call it a mix of clouds and sun and low eat late but it
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looks -- 80s but it looks dry. into the day sunday more sunshine. so, again, some good looking weather for us. the setup, it will be dreary, wet weather on tap. slow moving front. you can see the area of low pressure that spun up along the front. we thought this would move more quickly. we have enough time for rain system to develop. that's we dealt with through the day. you can see how dry and clear things look. that will be heading in our direction as we go into the next 24 hours. high pressure controls and temperatures will be running into the 60s by night this weekend. low 60s and warming up into the low 80s tomorrow afternoon. again, all things quiet across the east this weekend and our tropical system off florida looking less and less significant. showers coming to an end, 84. we see improving weather into next week. the heat crairchtion up a little
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bit -- cranks up a little bit. caught on camera there are drunk drivers, distracted drivers and this. >> her breasts are exposed and she's driving with no hands. >> eventually the woman lost control. she ended up laying in the road, amazingly only a couple cuts and bruises. a fisherman fell overboard and was stranded at sea for hours. remarkably, he survived. he took a fishing trip off the coast of florida when a storm rolled through and knocked him into the water. after hours of not hearing from him, his wife called limits a fellow fisherman spotted him
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treading water eye was dving and danny was up front with me. we both just looked and said what is that. we weren't sure, so we headed that way. >> the coast guard said the 51-year-old was in pretty good condition, just suffering from a little dehydration. the fight over medical marijuana is going to a new level, could they set aside dispense ris to help low income people afford their weed. and he is hometown home run play are.
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all about medical marijuana,
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but if that isn't controversial enough on its own there's a push in d.c. to get dispensaries to subsidize pot for low income patients. >> reporter: discounts for weed? washington, d.c. could soon become the first jurisdiction in the country to require medical marijuana dispensaries to sub sid dpiez pot for low income patients. >> doctors realize this is medication that can work with patients. those patients should be able to obtain it. >> reporter: under the rules dispensaries would have to set aside 2% of their annual revenues to provide to those and the federal poverty levels. those that don't comply would face a $2,000 fine per open fefnlts -- per offense. the p- >> i think the original plan was to have the dispensaries
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contribute to a fund. this puts the onus to the dispense ri. bottom line, if you're on a lower income -- >> reporter: an ounce of weed costs $380 to $440. they already offer discounts of 1% to 15% to seniors, veterans and low income patients and said they're happy to do their part to make sure they have access to the medicine they need. they also offer some discounts but said the proposed rule isn't the best approach eye support the idea of a reduced cosby think the discount or fund con tribted to isn't the best or most creative process. >> the marijuana policy project
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said it's not uncommon to provide discounts for the poor but requiring them and mandating that the dispensaries set aside part of their revenue, that's totally new. it's going to happen at some point in the future. head to and let us know how you feel about sub sid ding medical marijuana for the poor. >> if someone collapsed on your feet, would you know how to use that thing on the wall. the shocking grade that was give ton maryland when it comes to using the aed's. >> and a new app encouraging students to speak out. >> and chris davis meeting fans in columbia. that's coming up. >> a few showers dotting the maryland map but we do see improved weather. we'll take the most accurate look at the setup for saturday into next week. that's coming up on abc2 news at
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a possible illegal handgun investigation leads police to stumble upon a spice or synthetic drug operation. they're in the sure if the spice had been disboughted locally but the suspect used out of state vendors. the operation has a potential street value of $2 million. >> a 6-year-old girl and her mother attacked in anne arundel. they were walking down the street in lothian when a teenager approached them from behind. the teen asked her where her money was and punched her in the chest and knocked her down. the teen ran off and has not been found. >> weather wise, we continue to see showers crossing the state. slow moving frontal boundary. we thought this would get out by
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midday. it's still lingering but clearing areas from car rl county and clearings we push toward the 8:00, 9:00 time frame. it's going to to take a well to clear out the sky. the clouds stuck in the 70s so a cooler day. this evening down through the 60s and we'll lack for a clearing start to the day tomorrow, much more on that. your complete weekend forecast minutes away. the ravens, well, they lost but it's the preseason, so just let's all calm down. >> they beat san francisco in the super bowl. super bowl champions. we'd like to take upback to your regular scheduled pennant race and the hundreds who lined up. here's abc2 fumes brian kuebler on what turned out to be quite the event and traffic jam. >> reporter: he was the first in line here at the at&t store in
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columbia. at 6:00 last night. and you camped out. >> yes. i'm just a big fan of the orioles, chris davis, especially. >> reporter: help and hundreds of others. look at this, down the back and up front again. traffic was a mess on dobbin road. this typically nondeep script cookie cutter mall was flooded by a sea of orange. >> everybody was standing outside getting excited. that's how it is for me. >> reporter: for this onslaught of fans, he is the main event, even an orange crush sew dla which davis remarks is the first time he's been asked to ink a soft drink. this is the home run leader who
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leaves us on the edge of the couch every time he's up at bat slowly chipping away. it as a true mark of power in the game. >> is that my goal, no. my goal is to make the post season, but if i hit 61 and we make post season, it will be a pretty good year. >> reporter: davis said he's in the aware of his pace, doesn't pay it much mind. fans of not just his home run but everything he is doing for his teammates, franchise and this city, a class act, worth staying up. >> pretty crazy. >> reporter: to be the last one, hoping to get in the door. >>


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